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Kaplan University is pleased to be working with you by providing several opportunities and pathways to pursue your educational and career goals. We offer more than 180 programs designed to provide the knowledge, competencies and skills to help you take on new challenges and enrich your life.


Call a dedicated Admissions Advisor at 866.583.6765 to find out if you might be eligible to receive a reduced tuition rate through our tuition grant benefit[disclaimer], or if you qualify for the Kaplan University Tuition Cap pricing.

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Why Kaplan U.

Kaplan University is committed to general education, a student-centered service and support approach, and applied scholarship in a practical environment. At Kaplan University, we provide you the tools and resources you can depend on to help you succeed in your classes. Once you begin on your degree path, you will find continued support for your academic and career goals.

The Kaplan University Student Experience

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Kaplan University wants you to make an educated decision about your education. As a new undergraduate student, the Kaplan Commitment SM gives you a chance to experience real classes before deciding if you will stay and pursue your studies. If you withdraw during the introductory period, you will have no financial obligation.[disclaimer]

Student Satisfaction

2017 Academic Stats
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Source: 2016–2016 Kaplan University Alumni Survey. Reflects responses of those who graduated between July 2015 and December 2015, with 1,033 responses and a response rate of 16%. To learn more, access the 2015-2016 Academic Report at www.kaplanuniversity.edu/Kaplan-University-Academic-Report.pdf.

Insights & Outlooks

Programs & Degrees

Kaplan University offers more than 180 programs designed to help students acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors to be successful in their current and future careers.[disclaimer] Our curriculum provides professional competencies such as: communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and critical thinking, personal presentation, and multiculturalism and diversity. Our comprehensive programs are taught by experienced professors and feature real-world courses that focus on the skills for today's job market.

Kaplan University offers you multiple learning options. You can learn online, or at our ground locations where you can learn on campus, online, or a blend of both. We have 15 ground locations across the country.   

As an accredited university, we are committed to the highest standards. For more information about our accreditation and programmatic approvals, click here.

You can earn your degree in:

Tuition & Savings

Kaplan University offers you higher education programs at a competitive price, with textbooks and course materials included in the cost of tuition for undergraduate degree programs.

You and your immediate family members can take advantage of a tuition grant for all programs. You could save even more through credits awarded from your prior learning.[disclaimer]  

Check with your HR Representative about your company’s tuition assistance or reimbursement policy.  


Our Tuition Cap Lowers the Cost of Your Education

At Kaplan University, we are constantly searching for ways to help students seek a brighter future, and that includes making sure our tuition costs are as low as possible. That is why we are introducing the Kaplan University Tuition Cap on select programs for new students.


How it works: When you enroll in a participating Tuition Cap program at Kaplan University, your tuition will be capped, ensuring that you only pay a fixed amount for your education.[disclaimer] 

Once you hit your cap, you will no longer have to make any payments for the rest of your education at Kaplan University, even if you have to retake a course, as long as you meet and maintain all enrollment requirements for the Kaplan University Tuition Cap program.


Why it helps: Not only will you know exactly how much your education will cost when you enroll, but our Tuition Cap will also help you save 33%* off the total cost of your tuition. It’s part of our promise to help make college education more accessible and more affordable.

​Click here for answers to commonly asked questions.


You and your immediate family members are not eligible to combine the Tuition Cap and the corporate alliance tuition grant. Prospective students should choose the option that gives them the best financial benefit. For complete details, including eligibility, associated fees, and how prior learning credits impact the cost of attendance, contact an Admissions Advisor.

*Per-credit tuition reductions are based on standard tuition rate of $371.00 multiplied by the number of credits required to complete the degree.​

Tuition for U.S. Military and Veteran Students

Kaplan University is proud to support our military and veterans in their educational pursuits by offering various military-friendly services and significantly reduced tuition.

  • Current servicemembers, including Guard and Reserve, receive a 55% per-credit tuition reduction for undergraduate programs, and a 17% to 30% per-credit tuition reduction for graduate programs. Technology fees are waived for undergraduate programs.
  • Veterans receive a 38% per-credit tuition reduction for undergraduate programs and a 14% per-credit tuition reduction for graduate programs.
  • Spouses of servicemembers receive a 10% tuition reduction on all programs. In addition, we offer a military family scholarship to further assist military spouses and their dependent children.
  • Kaplan University has joined forces with the American Freedom Foundation to develop a scholarship program that benefits family members of current and prior U.S. military service personnel and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees and their family members (spouses and dependents). For scholarship requirements and additional information, visit aff.kaplan.edu.  

Kaplan University’s continued focus on the needs of the military student has resulted in recognition from various publications and rating services.  In addition, Kaplan University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC). For more information, visit their website at hlcommission.org.  

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You may apply for one of Kaplan University's scholarships that are awarded to eligible students, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, to help pay for a Kaplan University education. Note: Kaplan University Scholarships cannot be combined with Kaplan University tuition grants. An Advisor will work with you to determine the best option for you: the tuition grant or one of our scholarships.

Financial Aid

Kaplan University can help find a financial solution that is right for you. Available options include federal grants and federal, state, and private lending programs, including military financial aid. Learn more about federal grants, Stafford loans, and PLUS loans. Note: International students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid.

Transfer Credits

Kaplan University provides several paths designed to help you earn college credit for what you already know. We are committed to helping you maximize eligible credit transfers potentially saving you both time and money in completing your undergraduate degree. You might find your degree is a lot closer than you think.[disclaimer]

5 ways to get the credit you deserve

Experiential Learning

Earn credit for eligible work and life experiences through two Portfolio Development Courses: EL 206 and LRC 100

Corporate / Organizational Training

Earn credit through completed professional certifications or training.

Kaplan University Course Assessments

Assess your skills and test out of courses you have mastered to waive prerequisites.[disclaimer]

Military Training and Work Experience

Convert and transfer college-level credit for ACE-evaluated military training and CLEP and DANTES examinations.

Prior Learning Assessment

Transfer the credits you earned at prior institutions.



Contact an Admissions Advisor to find out which transfer credit path could be right for you.